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 Enjoy the professional photos from our travel to capital of United Arab Emirates Abu-Dhabi. We visited fantastic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, this is an absolutely beautiful Mosque by day, and outsanding by night! We visited a fairytale! Thanks to two different lences that we had, Canon 16-35 and Canon 85 1.2  we managed to get different images- wide angle images of the impressive outdoor and indoor interior and portraits with luxurious bokeh 

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A week ago we had a photoshoot of a beautiful couple near Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Here are some pictures, enjoy! 

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Photobook came as a more solid and high-quality option instead of the albums. When you pick up a photo book, you get the aesthetic pleasure of a really high-quality product. You will proudly show this photobook to your friends and guests, will be keeping at home as one of the most valuable things, besides you can make copies for the parents.

Taras-studio presents several variants of the photobook depending on a cover material, paper material, size of a photobook.

 photographer Taras Omelchenko

Taras Omelchenko is one of the leading ukrainian photographers, specialized education. At the time, he studied to shoot with a film (a film does not allow mistakes to do), so has a unique secret information on taking pictures and working with light :)
He has the experience and knowledge of wedding photography, family photography as well as architecture, interiors, furniture, jewelry, glossy items.
Having achieved recognition as a photojournalist, he skillfully uses reportage style in wedding photography, that enriches and fills the photography with candid moments and sincere emotions. For spectacular staged shots Taras Omelchenko uses a separate set of equipment, certain schemes of light. Using all the baggage of knowledge leads to a rich diversity of photography. 








 photographer Tatyana Omelchenko

Tatyana Omelchenko - a professional photographer, has been photographing for 8 years. During 3 years she had been working in the studio, and gained experience working with light and studio equipment.  
She received her education in the field of professional photography from Taras Omelchenko and learned the secrets of work with light and successfully uses this knowledge in wedding, family, child photography.

Fotoreportažas iš parodos "Mūsų vestuvės‬" Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva  7-8 vasaris 2015. 

Mūsų studija Taras-studio dalyvauja šioje parodoje 


Смотрите фоторепортаж с VII Свадебной выставки в Литве, Radisson Blue Hotel Vilnus ! Наша студия принимала участие в этой прекрасной выставке! Мы были очень рады учавствовать в этом красивом событии ! мы познакомились с прекрасными коллегами по свадебному бизнесу, спасибо Вам за общение и позитивное отношение! Для нас это было важно и вдохновляюще :) 

Спасибо посетителям за достойную оценку нашего творчества! Мы благодарны всем, кто побывал у нас на стэнде и поделился своими впечатлениями о нас и нашей работе!! 

Пока первая часть фотографий.


On this page I will inform you about the last photo works.


Recently I returned from Bulgaria, where European Forum of wedding photographers and videographers passed. I was glad to meet interesting people, my coleages from different countries . Here some pictures from my trip.

I 'd like to share my last photosession in a collaboration with stylist and designer Al'vina Negru.  Fotosession was conducted in one of the most beautiful Kiev  gardens. It was noon, so the hot sun was shining brightly ,making people squint the eyes. Usually photographers avoid shooting at such light.  But if one has certain experience and  due equipment - nothing can be impossible.  As you can see I reached perfect soft light at the model.