About us

About us


10 points about us:


1. Journalistic approach. What is it? This is a skill to catch real "on-line" moment, exactly these moments reflect all emotions on your wedding day.

2. Artistic staged photo. You can't get without them, to make your photo session complete.

3. High quality images in full resolution.

4. Complete processing of every image.

5. Flexible price policy.

6. Canon original professional cameras, L-lenses 

7. Professional education, wide experience.

8. Hundreds of clients, really pleased with our work.

9. International recognition - AG-WPJA.

10. We are in charge to create the appropriate mood of your wedding photo session!


These are the reasons for you to be sure to get your PERFECT photography!


ps. We really like the phrase: Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you.